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How Long Does Pleuritic Chest Pain Last

How long does pleuritic chest pain last   Anyone who has experienced Pleurisy, understands the term pleuritic chest pain, and there are a lot of great posts out there that will help identify the symptoms of Pleurisy, but one question that always comes up and never seems to be followed by a great answer is, how long does pleuritic chest pain last? So how long does pleuritic chest pain last? The short answer to this quest is, healthy adults can feel the underlying pain for as much as a week. Now, does this mean you are going to go through excruciating pain for a week, most likely not. Great news right! However, the chances are you will feel the effects of Pleurisy quit a number of days. The pain is usually worse at night (as are most viruses), with the pain subsiding a bit throughout the day, and like most other viruses it has its peaks. I have experience Pleurisy 2x in my life and both times I had similar experiences. The first night was the worst. Its impossible to get comfortable because every which way you turn just causes pain, and you continuously turn trying to find a more comfortable position to […]


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